Security Scanner show different version than Nextcloud


i did a security scan on my nextcloud installation.
Nextcloud shows the version 11.0.3, Security scanner Update to 11.0.3
in my Nextcloud-Installation i did via the Update-App.

In another installation i did manually from scratch the verson is 11.0.3 also in
the security scanner.

Why this difference and which is true and how to fix the difference ?

Thx, MiXiM

The Security Scanner scans automatically and periodically. It may be that the last scan was before your update to 11.0.3.

Below your current results it reads:
Scanned at 2017-04-** ******

and there is a “rescan” button. So if the date of the last scan is older, try to click the button and wait for the new results.

Yes, thx, solved :slight_smile: