Security questions regarding iOS app

Dear community,

a friend of mine is using Nextcloud v21.0.3 currently and he asked me some questions regarding security.
He is using Nextcloud within his company and he wants to know the following questions, that’s why I really hope you can help me out because I’m a bit unsure how to answer them.

Is there any way to disable download functionality within the app, so no one can download data on their phones? I guess Nextcloud isn’t downloading any data on the mobile phone within the app, except you click on a button?

If there are any data stored on the mobile phones, once the employee leaves you cannot delete those data files from their phone, right?

Thank you very much for any help!

Yes, there is a way with the fileaccesscontrol-app:

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The user can also use a browser on the phone and download files. Also every view of a file (e.g. pdf viewer) is a kind of “download”. You can see it in a desktop browser with F12 and Network Analysis. You can find the files e.g. in the cache.

If you really do not want download files this is only possible with e. g. office files and using Collabora Online and/or OnlyOffice. Also you can use watermarks / secure view.

Secure View

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You just add another bullshit layer, you still can take snapshots etc…

The only “security” thing I see, is that you limit the access to a certain network and only allow specific devices into this network (only on-site desktop computers)…

There is a remote wipe function: