Security Issues with Rainloop email app auto-login solved?

There where security issues with automatically login in Rainloop app, like discussed here :


But its not really clear if it is solved or not, can the someone confirm if it save to use or not ?
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That is if you have users save there username and password in the user settings

Hi, yes I am aware of that , but its really handy to login automaticly and I want to use it so the question was more of the problem still exist, these topics are from 2018 ! .

I found a commit later here:

It looks like there is a update with an workaround but its not clear for me, maybe someone who can read the code or the maker can help me out

It is not clear to me if this is still being worked on. I cant even get to settings. Interface from pics look a lot better than the other mail app that is really slow. So far, I cant get any working email client in nextcloud period.