"Security Advisories" RSS feed broken (again)

FYI, it looks like the “Security Advisories” landing page now forwards to GitHub (fair enough); unfortunately, the previous RSS feed doesn’t work anymore:

2021-06-02 07:37:52,210 [ERROR] HTTP status 404 fetching feed nextcloud-advisories (https://nextcloud.com/wp-content/themes/next/advisories/advisories.rss → [email redacted])

Given that quite a number of security-related RSS feeds exist, it would be a shame if Nextcloud advisories now will only become visible for those whose notification workflows are RSS-based once notifications are picked up/included in third-party feeds… :slightly_frowning_face:


In the meantime, Twitter user @​tcitWorld thankfully pointed me to Issue #25 of nextcloud/security-advisories on GitHub which mentions an alternative:

[…] That said, as we assign a CVE to our advisories, there should be plenty of third-party solutions to accessing a RSS feed.
For example, cvedetails.com allows you to get a RSS feed of all assigned CVEs

(So hopefully, someone comes up with the idea of a redirect for the above URI(s) at one point… :slightly_smiling_face:)