Securing Shared Media Files on Nextcloud


I’m a Graphics Professional, and I’ve just learned of Nextcloud. So I just took the online demo for a test spin, and I have security concerns which I’m comparing to Google Drive.

I use Google Drive to share documents as a display. Meaning, the recipient is only able to view the content of the file as is displayed on the cloud server. The shared recipient is not able to download or access the physical document. Google Drive has share permissions to prevent editing or downloading various media file types. The most critical file types for me are .PDF, .JPG, .MOV and .MP4

I did notice that Nextcloud has an option to hide the download link when sharing files. This is great! However I was still able to download the .PDF file and breach that security. So the hide button is not working as of yet. If there is a procedure which I may have overlooked or a new feature to be added, that would be great! And I look forward to learn of future updates.