Secure Outlook add-in is now available for testing in free-as-in-beer version



When I install the add-in it doesn’t ask for anything… and when I create a new mail I can enter in the menu nextcloud/settings and when trying to connect it says: The settings are incorrect. Please check the server url, username and password. I checked the credentials and they are ok.

I have Outlook 2016 and nextcloud 12.0.0

Any ideas are welcome. :wink:




I just went through that. Carefully check your email provider’s SMTP settings and port number. Also make sure you use the correct login. My ISP requires this format name@there.xy instead of just the user name. Also, make sure you have configured your user email.


Can you remove the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NextcloudOutlookFE ?

Restart Outlook (if still open) and it should pop-up with asking you for your credentials.

If your Nextcloud adres is for example make sure you fill that in the url, not



I’m using Outlook 2016 32bit (Office 365) and the free version with Nextcloud 12.

Working fine except no upload bigger than 30 MB are working.


I’m in the same situation, same problems… Any news about that?
I insalled the add-in with Outlook 2016 32bit & 64bit on 2 different computers. No success in all cases.

Thank you very much.



connection is ok, but ADVANCE menu does not work (nothing happened after click on that)…click on Share files or share public folder - nothing happened. OUTLOOK folder was created in cloud, even folders public and upload…but then it is not working…i wanna buy enterprise version (yet i have only free, which is available on your pages)

i tried windows10-outlook 2013, windows7 - outlook 2013,2010…no success

Will you fix that? Thanks a lot


I always suspect Microsoft is up to something bad in these situations. They are putting out many, many updates and it is breaking integrations all over the world.


I am having the same issue as above "The settings are incorrect. Please check the server url, username and password"
I have tried on both Outlook 2016 32bit and 64bit - different networks one local and one remote.
I can connect to the web with out issue and my clients are working perfectly.
Nextcloud 12.0.2
Port: 7443
Tried with Local account and LDAP account

Any help would be appreciated.


@John21 can you share a bit more, e.g. which kind of hosting you’re using, windows version and so? Send a PM if you want.

@Sun7Night which problems, unable to connect or max file size?

@javorcak this is due a bug in the multi-language part. Please change the following registry key manually to fix it for now. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NextcloudOutlookFE and change the key “SetLanguage” its value to “en-EN”. If you need help send me a PM.

@not_me99 can you send me a pm? A local account should work, do you use self-signed certificates?


Same problem as User_loris. Add-in installation is ok, connection with server is ok, but when i make a new mail, i want to click on “Share Files” or “Share Public Folder” and nothing happens.


Sorry, i don’t read your answer for @javorcak… the modification in registry key work for me… Thanks a lot (SetLanguage was fr-BE for me).


Glad to hear that fix works :slight_smile: Will of course be fixed in a new build.


I will try this soon and update shortly, thank you, hoping it’s the language thing since I agree it should connect local and on a local account.
This is a Ubuntu vm appliance server. Self hosted on a domain. self signed cert. Workstations have been win10 pro.


@not_me99 Can you verify that the self-signed certificates are correctly installed in Windows? (try Internet Explorer).


Hello everybody,

with the latest version everything is working fine for me now (Outlook 32-bit / Windows 7 32-bit).

Great piece of software!




btw: you’ll find version here… -->


thx. it works now for me in Outlook 2013 32bit standard on Windows 10 64bit…
but on Outlook 2016 proffesional, after installation i cant see icons (settings, shares). addon seems to be disabled, after enabling nothing happened


Please check the following. You can see these options in the developer tab (you might have to enable it through options).



(make sure the add-in is not disabled here)


…is there any chance to translate (and/or customize) the text:

The files attached to this e-mail are too large, therefore it has been made available on our private and secure file transfer environment for downloading. The details to download the file(s) can be found below:
Password: (Kein Passwort)
Expiration Date: (Kein Ablaufdatum)

into German?
The only language files I can find belong to the uploading Dialog not to the result within the email sent.
Maybe an Enterprise Feature?



I connected fine to server a couple weeks ago, but it doesn’t do anything else.

I’ve just changed the language to en-EN in the registry and now it works like a charm.

In the future I guess it’ll work with diferent languages. Won’t it?

Thanks for your great work!!!