Second datadirectory

new user of nexcloud, the installation is:
ubuntu 22.04
a hdd 500Go mounted (with /etc/fstab) on: /mnt/DISK1
and datadirectory => /mnt/DISK1

All that works perfectly, my question is: when my hdd will be full, how can i add an other datadirectory ? (not change my hdd ! just add one more)

My think:
change the forders in to:
But in this case, how nexcloud will manage the stored files ?

Can you say me how can i do ?

This is not possible, as you would then have to specify a different path for each user within Nextcloud.

Thanks for response.
Can you say me how to specify a different path for each user in Nextcloud ?
using groups ? or other ?
i dont find this menu …

You can mount drives anywhere you want, e.g at /mnt/DISK1/user1 or at /mnt/DISK1/appdata_[instanceid]

If you’re dealing with significant size adjustments, I would recommend using LVM (Logical Volume Manager). LVM allows you to create logical volumes that are essentially ‘detached’ from the underlying hard drive. This means you can easily adjust the size of your volumes as needed, including the option to add more hard drives.

Much and good luck,

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