Searching in Collectives

Hi there! I tried out making a bit content in collectives, but there is no searching function. When I use the standard search of nextcloud, results do not contain pages of any collective. Is it a bug / is sth. missing / is it due to my configuration (I get results of “files, bookmarks, events”) ?

Check for this on the project issues and file a feature request if needed.

Hi @NicolasK. Great to hear that you’re playing with the collectives app.

What do you expect to find using the Nextcloud search? You should already be able to find Collectives and Collective Pages by their names/titles.

There’s no support for page fulltext search yet, but an open issue tracks this: Page full text search (#168) · Issues · collectivecloud / Collectives · GitLab

Please try and use the nextcloud search bar from within the collectives app.

Search for page content has been added in the 0.9 releases. The 0.10 releases added a fix that will also make it work on nextcloud instances that use a subpath such as www.mydomain.tld/cloud.

update: Just learned that this is still broken due to an issue in the server implementation of the unified search.

Just for the record: this has been fixed in the Nextcloud server code in the meantime.