Searching contacts numbers not working

Nextcloud AIO 24.0.6
PHP 8.0.24
PostgreSQL 14.5
On Linux Mint 20.3 Docker Kernel 5.4.0**
24GB ram, I7 Intel.

I have about 800+ contacts. Searching for contact NAMES seem to work fine, but searching for numbers does not.
In the web interface Home>Contacts there is a search box. I type an area code which is about 40% of the numbers on my list, and only 4 contacts come up in the result… A second area code (50
% of the other contacts), brings 5 results only.
I can try the last 4 numbers of a random phone number on the list, and nothing is found.

I use a VOIP service where my contacts are not uploaded to, so every now and then i need to search for numbers to see if is one of my contacts.
Is there anyway to tell nextcloud to index numbers, not just the names?
Thank you

Hi, this sounds like a bug. If not already present, please create a new one here: Issues · nextcloud/contacts · GitHub and post a link to the issue here. Thanks!