Search option for public link or advanced settings per user?


First of all, thanks for this wonderfull cloud service!

I’m missing one major thing that would really be a lifesaver for my business. At the moment you have to be a user logged in to use the great search function from nextcloud.

This has some problems for the way i want Nextcloud to be used. The only think that i want my customer to have is a location where they can download images. But i don’t want to create a custom login for 1000+ users. I can create a global login with a shared folder that displays the images they need. But this user has the rights to change the password and remove the shared folder.

With a public shared link the person can not change the name, remove the folder or change the password. The only problem here is that there is no search function available. Searching in a folder with 10.000 images is much work without the search function.

It would be great if there is a option/app that can help me with this problem.
I’m using version: 11.0.3 (stable)

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There is a guest app repository ( but I can’t find the app on the app store. I suspect this is a new app that will be available soon. Perhaps already with NC 12.

@jospoortvliet can you give more details?

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It is exactly as you said :wink:

App is nearly done, coming with/shortly before 12.


How can i follow the status?

And is the following needed and if so how?:

Furthermore, the administrator has to whitelist the applications that guests can use. By default ‘,core,settings,avatar,files,files_trashbin,files_versions,files_sharing,files_texteditor,activity,firstrunwizard,gallery’ are allowed. The initial , is necessary to allow access to root resources.

The latest state is in github…

My provider updated to NC12! Now i’m trying to find the guest option but i cant find a tutorial or the options that i need.

is the guest app included in the new update for NC12? @jospoortvliet

Robin, who will probably be the one to finish it, is on holiday until the Nextcloud Conference next week… to follow progress.

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