Search magnifying glass missing in NC 20.0.7 Bookmarks 4.1.0

In my primary NC20 instance in the Bookmarks App (4.1.0) there is NO magnifying glass.
In my second NC20 instance in the Bookmarks App (4.0.5) there IS a magnifying glass.

Is this difference caused by the different Versions?

I can’t update my BM 4.0.5 because there is only php 7.2.5 available.
Apart from that I can’t see a relevant difference in the installations/setups.

Can I get back the search magnifying glass?

Hey LxGuru!

The magnifying glass directly in the app toolbar was only a temporary solution. In v4.1.0, search is integrated in the nextcloud search again: One magnifying glas to rule them all! Click on the search icon in the nextcloud bar, enter your search term and see how the bookmarks app will listen to your input.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hello marcelklehr,
thank you for your quick response that explains everything.