Search Issues entering only 2 characters

Hi there!

Currently we are experiencing a small bug in the search option of the group folders.

This figure will help with understanding what we are experiencing:

Example Root folder
     |______ AAA - File
     |______AAB - File
                       |____ AAA - File
                       |_____AAB - File

When searching for a file using only the first 2 characters of the name of the file, Only the files 
that are inside of the root folder will be found.

For example if I tried to search for the "AAA - file" in the sub-folder by typing "AA" in the 
nothing would be found but as soon as I type the third character, the file will be found.

I hope this explanation was clear enough.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could assist us with this issue.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,