Search indexing 'Successful" but "no result" in interface when a search for terms


I am having some issues with results not appearing and with not errors not sure where to turn next!

New install of fulltextsearch on NC 12.0.3 with the latest beta install of fulltextsearch apps.

When I run the first index it does say it is indexing successfully:

However, on the interface when I search for any terms in the document it says ‘no result’.

Given I am getting no errors that I can see on the server / app any tips on where I could start.

Odd as I have the exact same setup on a staging server working fine following the same steps!

In addition to this it would appear .txt files are saarching fine but the .odt documents are not searchable.


There is an issue right now when searching for the first word of a sentence on a new line. Can you try with the same document on both setup ?