Search function Nextcloud App

I use nextcloud in a medical facility for patient documentation on my mobile device. The documents we use must be able to be written on and painted on. For this reason, we primarily use PDF files for patient documentation.
The problem that arises now is that the search function in the mobile app does not work when uploading the PDF from Acrobat Reader. The same problem occurs when documents have to be copied or moved within the app.

Is there a possibility that the PDF can be edited via the Nextcloud app without having to open the Adobe Acrobat app separately?

Thanks for your help!


You could try this, but its limited right now to drawing freeform, boxes, ovals, and lines;

Author intends to work on further capabilities later in the year, but for editing PDF’s within Nextcloud, its really your only option right now.

Thanks for your help and fast answer. I will try the app and see if this is an optimization in the process.

Is there a solution or experience reports for the other problem that the search does not work when uploading/ sharing to the Nextcloudapp (from another app)?

I don’t understand your other question. Please clarify the issue you think you are experiencing.

For example, if I want to upload a picture or video to the Nextcloud app, the following problem arises:
I’m in the tablet’s photo app and share the picture / video and select the Nextcloud app as the destination. Now I have an overview of all the folders in the Nextcloud app and would like to filter out my target folder using the search function. This search doesn’t work. I now have to manually search through the folders to find the target folder.