Search for shared link

When your logged in as a user there is a search field on the right top corner. Could this be added in the next update for a shared link? I’m already waiting for this options sinds early this year. A option would be the “quest app” but this seems to be on hold.

Search field when logged:

No search field when sharing a link:


We have a similiar Problem.
We used a SMB Folder to store scanned documents and these were linked to every desktop.
We now created a nextcloud folder and shared this via link (the scan operation is only used by 3 users but ca. 100 are using the documents as reference.

there are over 1200 documents in the folder and we thought STRG+F in the Browser would be a good way to search, unfortunally it only loads a bunch of documents and not the whole folder.

A Searchfield in the shared link view would be a great improvement for us!


Yes, i got arround 8000 customers waiting for this functions.

Have a ticket been made on this?

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Not sure how to create a ticket…But i’m waiting urgently for this major fix.

As a workaround, I’ve created a shared user account for them to pass around, but this account doesn’t prevent them to delete the share.

You can create the ticket in the bug tracker on github; just search for nextcloud bug tracker