Search feature in the iOS app?

Hi folks,

I didnt find anything in the video feature or here in the forum, so there is one question about the app:

does it include a cloud-wide search feature?

I would often run into the following scenario:

have a large cloud with many files on it.

Then I am on the go and I need to send a certain file to somebody via email, i know the name, but i cant browse through all folders to find it somewhere. So I would need a search feature to locate and attach the file quickly.


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Hi @lex this feature in not present now but in the future it will be implemented

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Hi ios,

Do you know when the Search feature will be released for the iOS app?

Thank you,

Soon @User_loris

Hi all,
this post says that it has now been implemented, there is even a screenshot showing the search bar with “search all folders”, but I am unable to find the setting to turn server-wide search on. How do we enable this (extremely useful) functionality?

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Available from Nextcloud 12

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