Seamless File Transfer Across PCs: Integrating Nextcloud with VPS

I’m new to this, i used a VPS once but that was for a small project (note that i’m Dutch too)

I would like to know if it is possible to integrate Nextcloud with a VPS. I know it is possible, but I have a specific question: Can I transfer files directly between PCs instead of using the storage of the VPS? If it is possible, how can I set it up so that I can send files to my laptop using Nextcloud on a domain, allowing me to access it from anywhere? Additionally, could you please guide me on setting up the domain for universal access? Ultimately, I would like to be able to send files between PC1 and PC2, as well as from PC2 to PC3. If this is indeed possible, how should I proceed to set it up. And i’m going to use rack nerd as a VPS.

No, Nextcloud is not made for this use case, but is. It does exactly what you want, without the need for a central server.

With Nextcloud, on the other hand, the server is the central instance to which all clients synchronize their data. The clients cannot talk directly to each other, everything has to go through the server respectively has to be stored on the server.