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Hello everyone,

I’m using Nextcloud 10.0 on Debian Jessie. I have installed 0.3.5 app and an own webrtc. Video Conference and Chat are working. I tried using screen sharing but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I get the message :
“Die Bildschirmfreigabe konnte nicht gestartet werden (NotAllowedError).”
(Sorry, it’s in German…). Does anybody knows whether there ist maybe an other entry that I have to add to server.conf of webrtc or anything else ?

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Look at this for a start :

For Chrome, I had to install “Spreed.ME screen sharing”, on the App-store. Everything work perfectly since :wink:

EDIT : Link for Spreed.ME extension for Chrome :

Thanks a lot, I’ll test it. But does it mean, that I only can use this function with Chrome ? Normally I use Firefox and a friend uses Safari on a Mac. I would like to use it with her, as I would like to show her something…

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My first link is about Firefox and Chrome. I never used Safari, so I don’t know…

I answered too fast, sorry. First I saw only your second link. At present I haven’t had time to test this, but I’ll do this and will describe my results here.

Screensharing works fine with Firefox and Chromium-like browsers.
The former requires you to whitelist your domain for screensharing, the latter requires the Spreed.ME screen sharing browser extension.

Safari currently doesn’t support WebRTC, that’s why you won’t be able to use screensharing :wink: