Screen sharing with Remote Control

Dear All, i am Very new on this platform. have deployed NC13 in local intranet, it seems all working perfectly fine except one thing. while sharing screen, how to give remote control to other person to do modification in my system.


Hello - by installing Anydesk e.g.? :slight_smile:

Now seriously, there’s no remote control functionality in NC screen sharing. I’m not even sure if it’s possible with the underlying technology (WebRTC I think). Remote Control is a thing of its own.



Does Teamviewer provide as well an OnPremise version like Anydesk?

Not sure. I know you can purchase enterprise licenses which gives you additional features etc, but have no clue as to self hosting. Was not aware is was a requirement for OP.

Well, requirement or not, this for sure is one of the nice features of Anydesk. As simple to use as Teamviewer plus a nice team behind :slight_smile: