Scanning into nextcloud


I would like for the scans of several scanners to be saved on my nextcloud server once the scan is done. I have searched for many hours but the closest thing I found to my problem was this script : Ubuntu - HP Laserjet Multifunction Scan-to-Folder . Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to run as it should on my installation. Does anybody know of a solution to solve my problem? I am running nextcloud 20.0.9 on an apche2 server on debian 10 buster.


P.S: The scanner app in the nextcloud store doesn’t do what I’m looking for, as it needs to be triggered from the nextcloud web interface.

Sorry, i do not have a scanner. But perhaps you are searching “scan to webdav”. You can access your nextcloud with “webdav”. A problem could be the nextcloud webdav url. This is not a standard webdav url.

Network scanners are pretty messy. The only way I was able to work with ours (which is a xerox) was to set up a plain old FTP server to upload the file, and a cronjob to set the file permissions and add to nextcloud. Painful, but functional.

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