Scanning for music on external storage

Hi all,

I’m using Nextcloud 11.0.2 running on UCS.

I’d like to use the imag gallery and music player features, both on rather big existing collections of images and music on an external storage. I configured the external storage as CIFS share which uses the session credentials to access the files.

What I learned from the documentation is that the music player needs to scan for new music in the directories to show them in it’s database. To initiate that one can use the “occ files:scan” command. But this doesn’t work for external storage, I assume because there is no way to tell “occ” the credentials of the user.

Is there an alternative to initiate a full scan, i.e. in the web interface?


Generally you can give username/password when adding an external storage and it will be included in the files:scan. But if you use session credentials, it is not.