again without function

since days I try a rescan. the last scan remains the 28.05.2019.
maybe you should put on the website of “” a button that you can press, if the scan does not work several times.

You did notice the “re-scan” button on the lower right on the page, which appears, if you enter your cloud DNS name and pull up the old scan result, did you?

yes, sure, I have operated several times on several days. Even after said 5 minutes nothing has changed. Unfortunately, it is not the first time.

i can confirm this issue.

@jospoortvliet could you pls make someone looking into it?

Looks like it has been fixed in the meantime.

Problem solved. Until next time :wink:

Is it possible this is currently a problem again?
I do not get a new result - only for the date from the last time I ran it (Feb 2019) is displayed.

Yes, there seems to be a problem again.

Rescan works again. We got new results yesterday.

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