Scan and upload document from client (ios+android)

Hello all,
I would like to have the possibility to scan and upload document directly from the ios/android client.
Is it something you are interested/working on?


Hi Alberto, has a auto upload to webdav.

Do you mean this?

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Hi Reiner,
this is definitely a possible solution.
I’ve found this nice howto.


Good news!
The official iOS client has implemented document scanning into a Testflight build. You can follow development, or test this client and report bugs, on Github issue #561.

Scanbot is a 3rd party solution, which currently works. If you use it, please take a moment to send a request for Scanbot to support multiple owncloud amd webdav accounts. Please add your voice here to make it higher priority.

thanks for using Scanbot and reaching out to us. Unfortunately adding multiple accounts at once is not possible yet. I will put this on our feature request list and suggest it to our developers in the next meeting. Note that we

try to work this list from top to bottom sorted by number of request, so I can’t guarantee you, that we will add this feature anytime soon.

I would love to see this too. Dropbox has it and it’s super useful. I don’t know if scanbot is a replacement exactly but I haven’t seen what it’s output is like. I understand it has OCR but sometimes I need to scan a picture or something like that. Dropbox makes that possible because when you take a picture with the app to “scan” a document, you can set pointers on the four corners of the paper, and it will warp the picture to be a nice flat document. And then you can also add color correction to help with the contrast and coloring etc. But I don’t think Scanbot does any of this sort of stuff, and setting it up is not as easy as it should be or as integrated into NextCloud as it could be.

So I’m giving this a big bump!