Say hello to Mail 1.9 πŸŽ‰

Say hello to Mail 1.9 :tada:

A fresh look for the account settings

Download all attachments as zip

Editor to update the active sieve script

What else?
  • occ mail:account:delete to delete a mail account via occ
  • Loading message threads is roughly 2x faster thanks to an optimized query
  • Trust all senders of a domain
  • Option to remove trust of a trusted sender or domain via account settings

View the complete changelog at: mail/ at f1c4d938cee68c8976393a566a10e21b4098f536 Β· nextcloud/mail Β· GitHub


Thank you!

IMO attachments are bad UX, they are β€œhidden”, and a β€œlink” symbol is misleading. Should ideally show filenames or previews without extra clicks.

And IMO this is the biggest problem with mail since first time I tried it Recipient selection UX issues Β· Issue #2769 Β· nextcloud/mail Β· GitHub
This is the main reason why I do not recommend it to users. Very unintuitive. But it looks like it is being worked on.

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Thanks for the feedback.

The recipients issue is well known to us. @Greta is very close to finishing her fixes and we will likely ship them with v1.10.