SAML with UCS did not work

Hello all,

i’ve integreated my since years running nextcloud to UCS (Univention). Running on LXC. It is working fine, but SAML not. We’ve running 3 other nextclouds directly installed from UCS. There Saml is working. But on my on install nextcloud on an lxc (Ubuntu 18.04) not.

For a while i have created an thread @the UCS Forum. Here is the whole description:

So i think it make no sense to descripe everything here again. If you need more information please let me know that.

What i’am searching for is a posible helping logoutput for samlerrors. No errors in apache-error.log, or apache.log, or nextcloud.log.

Useing here Nextlcoud Version 16.0.4

Thanks a lot and best Regards :slight_smile: