Safest/best way to re-populate the www root in docker?

I have a NC 26 instance running in docker which has been incrementally upgraded since v20 or so. Now I’m in a situation where an 3rd party app causes an exception (not finding a class), while on my test instance (same image, exactly the same set of enabled apps), which has only been incrementally upgraded since v24, it works perfectly.

So I’m assuming it’s caused by some leftover from some ancient version, which hasn’t been cleaned up in the process of these upgrades. It would be nice to have a refresh of all those directories in the www root, without jeopardizing my data, my config or my installed apps.

How would one go about that? Maybe just delete everything (after a back-up of course), and it will be repopulated from the image? I know that happens at least when a new instance is installed using docker.