Safe way to return to client 2.x?

Is there a safe way to return to client 2.x on Linux for the time being? I found 3.0 (now 3.0.1) to be hardly acceptable from a usability point of view. It’s similar to what Microsoft did with the ‘control panel’, but even worse. Microsoft at least left everything in the ‘control panel’ when they introduced the new settings stuff, whereas Nextcloud got a new but worthless and useless desktop panel that doesn’t adhere to existing desktop settings and themings (font size being one of them makes it near-impossible to even read on higher resolutions), while still retaining the old-style settings dialog, but removing the valuable stuff from it, too. The new panel and the old dialog don’t even correctly sync the ‘pause’ and ‘continue’ states correctly between each other.

This new panel is exactly how UI should NOT be done. There are reasons why people theme their desktops and choose colours. One of them is that they maybe do NOT like blue on white, or whatever combination becomes forced upon them.