Safari suggests install OC app

What controls this, is it NC or Apple/Safari linking to the app store?
Can it be changed?

cc @MorrisJobke @bjoern

@JasonBayton this should be fixed in 9.0.52

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I’m on 9.0.52, can confirm it’s not fixed :slight_smile:

@JasonBayton as you can see here, the app store link is correct in 9.0.52:

Maybe you can double check that the file lib/private/defaults.php also contains the correct link on your server. If everything looks good and you still experience the wrong behavior I would suggest to open a bug report on GitHub so that we can look into it in more detail.

Oh defaults? The theme template overrides that doesn’t it? In which case it’s because I’m using a custom theme.

Has the defaults template been patched too?

It only overwrites it if your default.php also implements the getiOSClientUrl() method, if not it should fall back to the Nextcloud default

/** * Returns the URL to the App Store for the iOS Client * @return string URL */ public function getiOSClientUrl() { return ''; }

I’ll remove that :slight_smile:

this should help :wink:

Hi in page :

the Image [Availabe on the App Store] link to “”, It would be more correct “”.



Do you want to create a pull request on github?

yes @bjoern , next week

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