Safari and android app not working

Hello ! I had these problems for a while now and didn’t take the time to tackle them.

Php 7.4.9

  • Safari is displaying the background of my login page but not the login form
  • Android app is stuck after auth, I get an email saying that my app has been authorized but the app just hangs and if I kill it restart I get the “server in maintenance mode” message
  • No errors in the nextcloud logs for these two …

I’ve looked around but didn’t find any real answer to these … any help will be appreciated :slight_smile:

I have experienced the same thing! But my Android app only takes the server address and keeps hanging on this step. I’m not asked for login credentials. After entering the server address I get a white screen for milliseconds and afterwards the screen changes to blue one - that’s it. No message about the reason. No nginx error.log or nextcloud.log issue for that!
I’m affraid it is an app bug! But I don’t know how to report it.
Due to the upcomming Nextcloud version 20 which requires PHP 7.4 I set up my Nextcloud computer completely new using Ubuntu 20.04… The only difference in my Nextcloud configuration to the old one is a new ssl configuration: formerly only rsa certificate, now ecc plus rsa certificates.
The conclusion for me seem to be that the nextcloud app can’t handle the new certificat configuration. But without any error messages we will never know…

I thought it was an ssl problem too since we strengthened our ssl proxy lately. But I did some test without any cipher or tls restrictions and had the same results… I sadly don’t have anything to report since nextcloud or nginx log are not reporting anything on this…