S3 Object Storage as Primary Storage in Nextcloud with nginx


I want to deploy Nextcloud with Object Storage using nginx and php-fpm.
This work as external storage but not as primary storage.
I end up with errors 504 time out or the impossibility to connect user (i stay on login page). Note that I still find objects created in my S3 dashboard.

i use this link:
(i confirm that work with apache)
and this nginx config :

if you have an idea that would help… otherwise I’ll have to change all others services to apache.


did you try to “convert” an existing installation to s3 storage?

you have to insert the s3 config into the config.php before you start nextcloud the first time.

yes, I have already seen your comment in another discussion (also user creation…) no success…
with apache I added the S3 config after and it worked.