S3 external storage failing to upload to subfolders

Nextcloud version: 25.0.1
PHP version 7.4.33
mysql 10.5.18

Cannot upload to subfolders in external S3 storage (iDrive). The top directory of the bucket works fine. Tried with two Nextcloud providers: webo.hosting and portknox.net

For example, backup attempt produce the following Admin > Logging:

	OCP\Files\NotPermittedException: No create permission for folder
/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/apps/backup/lib/Service/ExternalFolderService.php - line 787:


/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/apps/backup/lib/Service/ExternalFolderService.php - line 261:


/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/apps/backup/lib/Service/UploadService.php - line 417:


/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/apps/backup/lib/Service/UploadService.php - line 348:


/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/apps/backup/lib/Service/UploadService.php - line 178:


/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/apps/backup/lib/Cron/Manage.php - line 149:


/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/apps/backup/lib/Cron/Manage.php - line 119:


/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/lib/private/BackgroundJob/Job.php - line 54:


/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/lib/private/BackgroundJob/TimedJob.php - line 60:


/var/www/vhosts/cheburashka.webo.family/httpdocs/nextcloud/cron.php - line 152:


Hi there…

Yes, there is another chap here and myself with the same issue, iDrive S3. The other chap has tested nextcloud external storage with other providers and it worked fine, so the conclusion is that the problem is with iDive and not Nextcloud



I’m having iDrive support zoom in soon, I will update if there will be any progress.
Just today there was a topic in r/nextcloud with a few $4/TB*mo alternatives…

@srjmas hello…

I raised a support ticket with iDrive two days ago:

This was their reply:


The public buckets feature is temporarily unavailable. It will become available in a couple of weeks.


  • Thanks,*
    Your IDrive Support Team

Keep us posted if you have more.

Thanks very much


@srjmas are you able to provide a link to the alternatives, and do you know if they work?

All the very best


Here is the thread:

IDrive did not return to me, so i guess I’m searching for a new place too now
upd: iDrive will meet me tomorrow
upd: iDrive solved the issue!

@srjmas Fixed… See this from iDrive:

Dear User,

Thank you for choosing IDrive® e2! We would like to take this opportunity to share what’s new.

Make your buckets public!
IDrive® e2 users with a paid subscription can now enable public access for their buckets. No more waiting for customer support to review and approve the public access requests for buckets.

Follow the simple steps to verify your email address and phone number via one-time verification code and assign public access.

This feature is currently available only for paid IDrive® e2 users. Upgrade your free subscription now and get 90% Off on first year! Annual plans start at $40.00/year $4.00 First Year for 1 TB storage.

Tested and works… Few…

All the best dj