S3 caching as primary storage, load balancing

Hey everyone,

So yesterday I made a setup with wasabi and S3 as primary storage I enabled redis - apcu and all the kinds of things we love to enable to do performance tweaks.

However, it takes forever to load the files page. It’s not an issue that the page takes forever to load however it’s an issue that it needs everytime to load the tiny icons and it takes ages to load them.

I was wondering if it’s possible to cache the webinterface completly by using some config for redis, apcu or apache?

I just want the interface to be cached for now. But if it’s possible to enable a cache for the files it would be awesome too. How does it works exactly to retrive the files list when using S3? Does it uses the database or it simply make a big “ls” of the s3 bucket?

Also would it work if I have multiple nextcloud instances with LDAP, and the same database, the same buckets. Will every users get the same data if they access different machines?

I also tried to use goofys as s3 file system it worked pretty great but I had still the same performance issues, on local storage it’s faster…

Thanks for your help