S3 as primary storage - does NC write full uploads to installation drive first?

A general question about how S3 as primary storage operates.

NC18 installed on an EC2 instance with an EBS volume.
NC installed with S3 as primary storage.

When uploading a file via NC, does the full, complete file reside in cache on my EC2/EBS volume prior to being transferred to S3?

If so, does this mean that my EC2/EBS volume size must accommodate the full filesize of any file that may be uploaded? (e.g., to accommodate the upload of a 100GB file to S3 as primary storage, does my EC2/EBS volume have to have 100GB of storage available?)

Yes. The entire file resides on your server and is then uploaded to S3. Once that’s done the file is deleted.

That’s my understanding anyway. If anyone else wants to pitch in… :slight_smile:

i would start a watch df -h on the ec2 and watch.