Russian names of folders and files corrupt

When I create the new folder which name begins with russian word and them share it, such folder displays for other users without first word.
For example, If I create folder with name “Папка уровень 1” (“Folder level 1”), users see it as “уровень 1” ("level 1). For files same effect.
Same time, all subfolders with russian names displayed correctly.
For Folder creator all names showes correctly.
What I see as owner (creator) of new folders:

And this is what users see which I give access:


Do you use a current version of Nextcloud (15.0.5 or 14.0.8)? If yes please submit a bug report:, if no, please test a current version first if the bug has been fixed already.

Yes, I use the last version - 15.05.

Bug report was open.

It might be helpful at a later stage to have the bug report reference at hand:

This is my report bug