RuntimeException Error



Running nc-info
Gathering information…
NextCloudPi version v1.33.0
NextCloudPi image NextCloudPi_docker_11-27-20
distribution Debian GNU/Linux 10 \n \l
automount no
USB devices synoboot
datadir /data/nextcloud/data
data in SD yes
data filesystem ecryptfs
data disk usage 744G/1.8T
rootfs usage 744G/1.8T
swapfile /dev/zram3
dbdir /data/database
Nextcloud check ok
Nextcloud version
HTTPD service up
PHP service up
MariaDB service up
Redis service up
Postfix service up
internet check ok
port check 80 open
port check 443 open
interface eth0
certificates none
NAT loopback no
uptime 2days

php: Version: 7.3.19
mysql: 10.3.25

I have a Problem, the Log get every 30minutes this error.

RuntimeException: image not found: image:actions/delete.png webroot: serverroot:/data/nextcloud

i googled but I can’t find a solution.

whole log

[activity] Error: RuntimeException: image not found: image:actions/delete.png webroot: serverroot:/data/nextcloud at <>

  1. /data/nextcloud/apps/settings/lib/Activity/SecurityProvider.php line 91
    OC\URLGenerator->imagePath(“core”, “actions/delete.png”)
  2. /data/nextcloud/apps/activity/lib/MailQueueHandler.php line 454
    OCA\Settings\Activity\SecurityProvider->parse(“de”, OC\Activity\Event {})
  3. /data/nextcloud/apps/activity/lib/MailQueueHandler.php line 359
    OCA\Activity\MailQueueHandler->parseEvent(“de”, OC\Activity\Event {})
  4. /data/nextcloud/apps/activity/lib/MailQueueHandler.php line 164
    OCA\Activity\MailQueueHandler->sendEmailToUser(“daniel”, “”, “de”, “Europe/Vienna”, 1609151401)
  5. /data/nextcloud/apps/activity/lib/BackgroundJob/EmailNotification.php line 65
    OCA\Activity\MailQueueHandler->sendEmails(500, 1609151401)
  6. /data/nextcloud/lib/private/BackgroundJob/Job.php line 52
  7. /data/nextcloud/lib/private/BackgroundJob/TimedJob.php line 59
    OC\BackgroundJob\Job->execute(OC\BackgroundJob\JobList {}, OC\Log {})
  8. /data/nextcloud/cron.php line 127
    OC\BackgroundJob\TimedJob->execute(OC\BackgroundJob\JobList {}, OC\Log {})

at 2020-12-28T10:30:02+00:00

if I deactivate activity the error doesen’t shows again.

Nobody a idee how to fix this?

nobodey any idea?

Am I the only one with the problem?

@daschmidt94 sorry , I have not encountered this problem.
maybe delete.png or delete.svg is missing in /var/www/html/nextcloud/core/img/action.
( change /var/www/html/nextcloud by your the path of your nextcloud server directory)
this file : server/delete.svg at master · nextcloud/server · GitHub

@Mageunic Thanks for your answere.

the delet.svg is in this folder but the delet.png not.

Where can i find the delete.png?

@daschmidt94 i don’t know, I don’t have this file too in the directory.
try to convert delete.svg to delete.png and keep the both file

@Mageunic thanks i converted the file now it work’s

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