Running Talk on a different host

I was wondering if it is possible to run the Talk part (including the TURN server) of Nextcloud on a different host than the Nextcloud itself. Here, schools use an on-premise installation of Nextcloud and BBB online hosted with no inter-connection to the cloud. That leads to links being send via email and such nonsens. It would be way better to have an integrated system, which points in the direction of Talk. However the on-premise setup will most of the time not allow Talk because of bandwidth limitations.
So buying a hosted Talk instance and connecting it to the on-premise Hub would be great. Is that possible?

It is recommended to run the turn server on a different machine anyway so it can listen to 443 making sure it has the maximum compatibility with firewalls.
Same for the High-performance backend.

We run the High-performance backend on a separate machine outside our local network as suggested, this is working great for signaling, turn and stun.