Running NCPi on HC2 but "booting" from SATA?

Hi all,

I think I understand that it is not possible to fully boot the NCPi image from SATA without a mSD card installed. I have seen some guides on how to boot Linux from SATA using HC1 but I am not sure I can use the same method for the NCPi dedicates images.

My plan is to get the HC2 mianly using the SATA SSD instead of the mSD so we may see some performance improvement. maybe this is achievd having the rootfs on the SATA and all the NCPi apps and data there too but the boop partiion on the mSD? Not sure how to 100% do this… I am fine with the mSD being there in order to actually boot up.

Is anyone using the HC2 + SATA HDD/SSD using the methodology I mention here?

Thanks in advance ,