Running Friendica instance on a Hetzner managed Nextcloud server

I am thinking about running NC on a managed server (Hetzner f.e.) Can you run a Fediverse - in this case Friendica - instance through the NC environment or is this an installation on it’s own?
If it’s a separated installation, is there a list of known hosters with servers in Germany, who offer a managed NC server and hosting a Fediverse instance? I would need a domain from this hoster as well. Thanks!

Well, you can’t use Nextcloud for ActivityPub just yet (aside from a feature-limited alpha), but they are working on it. If you want to set up a Friendica instance in the mean-time, that’ll require an independent install.
I can’t help with the host list, but perhaps someone else can.

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Thanks, i will keep an eye on the development of NC social.

Ask Hetzner directly. Only they can confirm whether they allow other services to run on a managed server.