Running Apache2 / Nextcloud and VPN service provider - Accessing issue

Hi all,

The newbie has strike again and I have tried to figure this out while googling until 4am and still no viable solution. I hope this is allowed in this forum seeing it is more than Nextcloud related.

I have Zorin 12 16.04 and Nextcloud 12 and apart from the https warning message about number of 155220000 secs under admin page (separate post). I could access my nextcloud server inside and outside my network.

Now the next step is I have access to TigerVPN (not advertising for them at all!) and I used openvpn --config GB London.ovpn for that matter - script below

remote 1194 udp
remote 443 tcp-client
auth-user-pass auth.txt
comp-lzo adaptive
ca ca.crt
dev tun
script-security 2
cipher AES-256-CBC
mute 10

route-delay 5
redirect-gateway def1
resolv-retry infinite
remote-cert-tls server

Since I activated OPENVPN as client, I can no longer access nextcloud inside and outside the network once cron update the IP address via FREEDNS (free domain). And Webserver / nextcloud and OpenVPN are all running on one machine (purpose for VPN is to run torrent on the same machine)

So let me try and draw a picture here below -

Nexcloud Server (Internal --> Router (Gateway --> External DYN IP by ISP ( --> TigerVPN London Server ( --> IP by TigerVPN ( --> FREEDNS IP (Without VPN and with VPN activated

while rest of the PC on the same network would use External IP set by ISP to access the internet and so on. And I understand it makes perfect sense if VPN is deactivated and all the network will run as the traffic all go through router gateway The question is… what can I do to change the routing or forwarding with VPN up and running so it can direct the traffic and understood by my Apache2 / nextcloud?

Thanks for your help in advance.