Run multiple AIO Server on docker

I got a AIO server running with docker and everything is fine. The hardware is big enough to host a second AIO server with docker. But i get it not up.

I use the same stack file like the other server and change the ports for apache und for the AIO Admin page. But i get everytime this error:

Failed to deploy a stack: Network nc-kiga_default Creating Network nc-kiga_default Created time="2024-07-02T20:32:42Z" level=warning msg="volume \"nextcloud_aio_mastercontainer\" 
already exists but was created for project \"nextcloud\" (expected \"nc-kiga\"). 
Use `external: true` to use an existing volume" Container nextcloud-aio-mastercontainer Creating Error response from daemon: Conflict. The container name "/nextcloud-aio-mastercontainer" is already in use by container "884c1680e26df62e24642e5e5489733c8b47ebbb1a87e9dd5c8cb1a23d0b80e0". 
You have to remove (or rename) that container to be able to reuse that name.

So, i think i need to rename the container - but the docu say “do not rename the container”.

Got anybody a idea how i can setup this and can run two aio docker server on the same physical server?

FAQ: How to run multiple AIO instances on one server?

I found this and try to adopt it to the portainer setup. But i stil get this error