Root directory in NextCloud

Hello everybody,

I would like to choose the root directory of nextcloud where people who is logged in can see stuffs. I mean, I would like to show the documents of a directory that I have into a NAS server.
¿How can I configure it in Nextcloud?

The objetive for that is to share all the things that are in the server using NextCloud. I installed the apppliance UCS Nextcloud.

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like you may be looking for the Group Folder apps to address your issue?

and the devs homepage with more info, here:

There are pros and cons.

I need like to choose a directory and then Nextcloud will show documents of that directory to the users, but I couldnt configure it during installation step.

So, my question is to know if it´s possible. After that, obviusly I would like to give some users permissions for see or not to see each folder.
¿Any idea?
Thank you very much!


out-of-the-box nextcloud is not a “file server” where the admin creates folders and grant access to user or groups of users. out-of-the-box each user has it’s own folder and they can share them among each other.

to solve your problem you can either create a “master” user who creates folder and shares them. or use the app “Group Folder”.

Disadvantage of the second solution is you can’t server side encryption. And it’s an app. Sometimes apps gets updated later then nextcloud itself.

you can check if nextcloud fits your needs here:

Okey thank you very much, I will try! :slight_smile:

Have you allowed access to a group to the relevant folder(s)?

You should be able to do this a from the Settings>Administration area.

Did you red the ‘Advanced Permissions’ section?

I did not do nothing at all.
Because i just was looking for a way to choose a existent directory and when directory changes, nextcloud changes too…

Similar than when you download dropbox, you can update/work directly into the directory. Thas what Im trying to do, but I dont know how.

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

The NC sync client would take care of syncing desktops with the NC server, and vice-a-versa.

So you want to have a share on the server that users can see and access on their desktop. When they make changes those are synced back up to the NC server? If yes, then that is exactly what NC is good at.

Have you read the admin and user documentation?

Thats it. I want exactly that. Actually I was trying to find that but I didnt, thats why Im asking :slight_smile:
Do you have the documentation to check?

Google is your friend…

But the docs and info, along with the NC community will almost always have the answer.

I did but I didn´t find how to do it… haha
Anyway, thank you very much!

So do you have the answer you need now?

Still i have to check documentation… but lets say yes :slight_smile: Thank you

Great, if you need any more help people are here and happy to assist.

Thank you very much both of you for that help. I will check during these days :slight_smile:

If this issue is finished it would be good if you could close it.

I installed

I dont see information about group folders. Im checking but Im not able to find it. Im using my Active Directory to manage the users, so maybe thats the problem…
I tryed to sync into a directory, it works, but now I would like to create the group to introduce users into it, and only that users can see the information…
Any idea guys?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hola David.

I recommend you to install your nextcloud instance in your NAS (I assume that you have it mapped and accessible from the server).

After finished and instance is available copy all the data that you want to share in an admin account.
Share the folder with users or groups, giving each one the permissions that you consider.

The biggest disavantage of doing it this way is that you depend that NAS content (path) must be always available from the server, but it’s the most easy and close solution for a file server with NC environment, that I think that it’s what you’re looking for.

Best regards

HI @david-vazquez,

So have you setup one of the machine images available via that page?

Did you read this:

@david-vazquez “group folders” is a nextcloud app.