Rogue/orphaned mount points in oc_mounts?

When querying oc_mounts, I see there are some rogue mount points that I don’t believe are needed. Most are from old tests.

My question is, can I simply remove the orphaned mount records that don’t have a mount ID value of 22, 24, 21, 26, 28, or 30? Or, is there a OCC method that will clean this up more elegantly for me? Thanks.

When I compare it against files_external:list, I see only 6 (as expected) are being used.

I had a similar problem with external storage mounts that I tried a long time ago where the storages even don’t exist any more. There were some occ routines but they didn’t really clean that (you can work with those on the files_external:list).

Before I deleted the mount points, I checked the filecache table for related entries and deleted them first. In my case, I deleted them because the storage didn’t exist any more.

You could try to check on the bug tracker, perhaps create a bug report and see if they implement something in future version. I had some problem with other external mount points, so I just repaired it and didn’t try to follow through with a bug report.

Don’t forget to backup your system before you do any manual changes.