Rock64 - RTL8723bu (usb wifi ) not loading

I have installed the NextCloudPi image to the Rock64. The install goes fine, the device boots, but it is not recognizing my usb-wifi. The usb-wifi is an rtl8723bu. I have loaded this module with sudo modprobe -a 8723bu but when executing ncp-config and coing to configure wifi, the usb-wifi does not appear in the menu. There are no errors when loading the module; modprobe -a 8723bu executes fine. I searched the forum but there does not appear to be reference to how to configure the rtl8723bu usb-wifi. Does anyone know how I can get NextCloudPi to see the usb-wifi even after it appears the 8723bu module loads fine?

Thank you.

You probably need some firmware package installed as well. I dont know if that is included in the linux-firmware package. Try that first.

Otherwise you have the driver here:

To install linux-firmware package, do I just execute sudo apt install linux-firmware ?

Also, the github reference for RTL8723bu does not have instructions on how to install for NextCloudPi. The instructions seem to say execute modprobe 8723bu which I have already done.

yes just like that.

The page lists a generic install method on Linux. It would work on your machine as well (or should i haven’t tested that driver myself)

what is the name of the interface? you might have to configure wicd-ncurses

Do I do “manual install” or the “Automatic install using DKMS” ? Does NextCloud use DKMS? Should I enable that somehow?

I’m not sure which is best in order to get the wifi driver working.