Robocopy+raidrive copying same files every time

I’m trying to back up a Windows server to Nextcloud. At first I tried using rsync but due to limitations of the cygwin implementation some files were not being transferred due to long file names.

So I went for a more windows native solution, robocopy + raidrive. It works very well, probably slower but I’m not in a hurry. The only problem I found is that multiple robocopy executions tend to copy the same files over and over. Not all, but far much more than the ones being worked in between the two runs. I’m simply running

robocopy /MIR "D:\source" P:\Nextclouddir

Running this on a local NAS with a shared folder does what being expected, copying a very small fraction of files. So I was wondering if anyone has experience with RaiDrive and can share it.


It’s a WebDAV problem: the file original creation / modification times aren’t preserved, so any tool relying on that (everything?) fails to detect existing or newer files.

I found issue #2031 but I don’t think it’s related. I don’t know if these properties can be maintained using DAV interface. :frowning: