Rights on subfolders


I was hoping to use Nextcloud for a small fraternal organization but I’m having some problems with the rights management.

Let’s say I want to create a “main” folder where group A has the right to read the content. I also want to create a subfolder – lets call it Uploads where I would like to give group A the rights to create, edit, read etc. the content.

If I create the “main” folder as a group folder or shares the folder the rights on the subfolder is inherited from the main folder and I cannot override them.

I can choose to share the subfolder Uploads giving group A create, edit, read etc. rights. But now group A has both the “main” folder and the subfolder Uploads in the root. If they enter the uploads folder from the “main” folder they do not have the create, edit, read etc. rights. If they enter it from the root they have the rights ??

Is it not possible to do what I’m looking for?