Right way Update Nextcloudpi from 14.0.6 to 15.0.2?

Hello, the administration tells me that an update to 15.0.2 is available.

There is missing updating below:

I read that an update via the WebUpdater is not recommended, what is the right way to update to 15.0.2?

The recommended way for NCP users to update NC is:
First use (either through ncp-config or ncp-web:4443):

nc-update or enable nc-autoupdate-ncp (recommended) to update NCP to latest version (currently v1.4.11)

then run

nc-update-nextcloud (or enable nc-autoupdate-nc (recommended) to update NC

When both autoupdates are enabled, it will check for and update to the latest versions within and every 24hrs.

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Thanks for your Help, the Update to 15.0.2 goes without Problem’s, everthing looks good.

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