Richdocuments App - BUG - Can't re-open a document where i leave it

Hello Everybody,

I’ve post a Github Issue on Nextcloud/Richdocuments apps.
Github Issue

But there aren’t some move on it, so i post here if someone have a clue to solve this.

I’ve tested it with Collabora Docker and LibreOffice Online compiled from stratch.

Open a document or a spreadsheet.

Do some stuff inside, let’s say on a spreadsheet you are on line 56 on column T.

Save the document, and leave.

Reopen it, you will start at the begining of the document.

On older versions of the apps, it worked well.

It’s strange that when you reopen a spreadsheet, your cursor is where it was before leaving, (ex : line 56 on column T), but the screen is at the start of the doc.

Do you experience the same problem ?


nobody experience this issue ?

Bump again.

I have just checked the symptom you are seeing, and can confirm the view doesn’t go to the area where the cell selection is. It does go to the top most row/cell.

Thank You @X4LD1M0,

The github Nextcloud/Richdocuments seems dead, the pulse isn’t in a wellthy mood.

Hope someone will see this post and know what to do for making a pull request.

@timar FYI