Rich workspaces make file list jump / UX problem


I run Nextcloud 25.0.4 on Ubuntu 20.04. I use Firefox on Ubuntu 22.04 to browse the web version of Nextcloud. The problem exists for a long time (also in the previous Nextcloud Versions:

Whenever I open a folder the rich workspace area shows a loading symbol e.g. for 0,5 seconds, and then either displays the content of the readme file of this folder, or the “add notes…” text.

In both cases the list of files and folders “jumps” 1-2 lines down as soon as this is loaded.
That leads to clicks to a wrong folder/file on a daily basis (you open the folder, move the mouse to the sub folder you want to open, click, in that moment the folders jump 1 line down and you end up opening the wrong folder).

Unlike other users who had problems with rich workspaces I do NOT want to disable them, I really like to use them for notes. But I want to reduce the “jumping” problem, at least in some cases (no content to display - then the jumping is really not necessary).

How can I solve this problem? My idea would be to give the rich workspaces a FIXED area on the screen, so that no matter if there is content in them the files/folders below don’t jump around. Is there a configuration option, or do I need to overwrite some CSS or so to achieve this?