RFE: Storage tiering by size via nextcloud/app

Hi all,

I am searching for a storage-tiering of SSD/HDD by file size (or by file type like pictures (.png, .jpg, …)?) solution for my nextcloud-server. So I have an request for enhancement.
The idea is from: Panasas launches storage tiering by size instead of usage

In short: small files like pictures will need mostly random access (preview of many pictures at once and so on) but bigger files (archives, iso and so on) will need mostly/only sequential access for up and downloading.
In my theory (and my setup) it would lower the costs for storage but provides more performance.

In my opinion (just a short look into the database) it could be possible by providing two data-storages (like /ssd/data/ and /hdd/data/) and decide via size (which is also saved in oc_filecache) where to save the file.
Something like:
File size <= 10MB saved to /ssd/data/[user]/[path]
File size > 10MB saved to /hdd/data/[user]/[path]

A nice app/feature idea or not?

Kind regards,