Reviving social app?!

Hey there,

it’s a real pity that once social was announced to be an important part of the NC-verse and now we see that there isn’t any further development… there even isn’t a valid NCv22 version available…

If I’m not very much mistaken I do remember that someone revealed an information that major dev’s got frustrated by bad comments here and on GH and so they let go of this project.

As much as I personally can understand this frustration it’s really bitter for all other users of this app… It’s still really promising and - my personal opinion - does the NC project really good.

So at least I wanna see development of social being revived again.

How could we show some love to the devs so that they could overcome their frustrations? I only see one way: do really show them love…

so please leave messages everyone, add :heart: and :+1: as much as you can. I don’t wanna see that app die.

@jan @rullzer @icewind @jones4410 @Cult @juliushaertl